Boux Avenue Christmas Gift Guide 2019!

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It’s that time of year again and so I thought i’d do another Christmas gift guide for those of you who, like myself, haven’t completed all of their Christmas shopping and need inspiration for what to buy!

Boux Avenue is a company I have loved for years and is an ideal place to do your Christmas shopping due to having a wide range of truly stunning products which range from affordable stocking fillers to more special lingerie and loungewear sets. Whether you are doing a secret Santa or buying for a girlfriend/ mum, Boux have you covered!

I am lucky enough to be a Boux Ambassador and have an online discount code for 15% off everything online. Use code SARAHBBOUX15 to save yourself some great dolla and even get yourself your own little gift with the money you will save ;).

Stocking Fillers and Secret Santa Gifts!

Okay so the first couple of gifts I have picked out are in the £5 and under price range, therefore are the perfect little gift to add to a main present, or to buy for a secret santa.

Nothing beats a pair of fluffy socks in Winter and its the one ‘safe’ gift you can guarantee they will love. For people you don’t know that well to your closest friends, fluffy socks are a go-to gift and people can never have enough pairs! The Fairisle Cosy Socks are suitable for any age and feature a super cute reindeer pattern for a festive feel! I’ve also selected the Peony Blush eau de toilette which is a pocket sized 10ml body spray/perfume and is the perfect handbag sized product for when you want a quick refresh when out and about.

For gifts £10 and under I have selected the peony blush candle and the Love Boux body room and linen mist. These are within the perfect budget to buy friends, or again secret santas and there’s a very good chance whoever you will buy for will love and use them. Boux Avenue candles are super photogenic and I find that regardless of when they are used, they make the perfect room decoration! The Boux Avenue body sprays also come in a stunning design and like with socks, you can never have enough of them! For a secret santa, candles are a fab go-to gift, and for friends and family, a body spray is a great little gift.

Great Gifts for friends!

Clothing is always a difficult one when it comes to choosing items for other people, but pyjamas tend to be a great and popular option for everyone! Boux do a massive range of pyjamas and nightwear ranging in different prices, however a great range they do have is their ‘pyjamas in a bag’ range. I’ve chosen two of my favourite festive pjs in a bag sets which i’ll be adding to my Christmas eve pj’s list! At only £20 these pyjamas are fantastic gifting ideas for friends and family and especially to wear for Christmas Eve.


Great gift for Mums/Aunties/ Girlfriends

Two of the cosiest loungewear/nightwear items I’ve ever worn from Boux are the Boux Logo Dressing Gown and the Nia Ribbed Lounge Joggers and matching top (which I accidentally had to get in both colours). These pieces truly feel luxurious and are extremely high-quality materials, meaning they are definitely worth investing in for a special Christmas gift. I’d really recommend these for friends or special family members.

Gifts for girlfriends

New to Boux this year is their Parisian inspired lingerie collection ‘Bouxtique’ which is is uniquely designed to have structures silhouettes and intricate detailing. This range from Boux is the sexier and less everyday underwear range and would make the perfect present for a girlfriend. I’ve chosen two of my favourite pieces from the Bouxtique range; the Bouxtique ‘Marnie’ set and the Pleated Chiffon Cami Set which is a stunning, and seductive nightwear piece.









Hvar Travel Advice!

Travel advice for Hvar, Croatia!


Hey Hey,

It’s unbelievable how long it’s been since I wrote my last blog on here! I’ve therefore been determined to make sure this one got written soon after my holiday so I didn’t end up leaving it for months and months and forget about all the important details.

For those of you who don’t have me on Instagram, I have recently returned from a holiday to Hvar, in Croatia, where I went with my housemate Emily. It was quite a last minute decision to go there, and we had basically just wanted to have a week away somewhere hot, picturesque and with good nightlife.

In the end, Hvar ended up fitting all of our criteria and I would definitely return there again, however there are things i’d wished i’d known prior to booking the trip that would have made the overall experience even better.

Getting there

So firstly, it is important to know that Hvar doesn’t have its own airport and instead, you have to fly into Split and then get a ferry or Catamorang transfer over to Hvar port.  Our first mistake was not realising having a late flight which arrived in Split later than 5pm meant that you had to wait for the 1:30am ferry from Split as boat transfers by catamaran stop mid afternoon.

Even though we had prepared ourselves for this very late transfer, with just our bad luck we ended up having a nightmare of a journey there instead due to being given ‘alternate transfer’ vouchers from our travel agent. On arriving into Split at 7pm we were given these vouchers and were driven five minutes away from the airport and dropped off at a port in the complete darkness and pointed which direction to go to find the boat. After 45 minutes of sitting near this boat and having nobody acknowledge us, we decided to ask somebody on it if we could board yet to which he responsed ‘ the boat is broken, it won’t be fixed by tonight or tomorrow, and the other port to catch the ferry is a 50 minute drive away’. This resulted in us having to get hold of emergency Jet2 to be saved, which by the time they responded and sent a rep back out to find us (who had all gone home by this point), we had walked back to the airport and sat where we were in the first place. Luckily after this we got our proper transfer to the proper port and had dinner in Split before finally getting the Ferry and another transfer to our hotel.

Because of having to do the late night ferry journey ourselves, I would definitely not recommend getting a late flight to Split if you’re traveling to Hvar, as if you get the night ferry it takes up to three hours and anchors in a port about an hour away from Hvar centre. An earlier flight which would get you a place on a Catamorang only takes an hour and a half, and will drop you off right into Hvar!

Despite this, If you do end up having to spend a few hours in Split before your transfer there or back, or spend a few days travelling there, it is quite a nice place to spend a few hours and has loads of restaurants and bars which are open late (and are cheaper than the restaurant prices in Hvar). We went to a rooftop bar called Bar68 which served amazing food and drink and also has more of a club-style area at the back.

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Where we stayed

After making it to Hvar FINALLY we arrived at our hotel which was called Hotel Pharos. This hotel had been recommended on multiple websites due to its great location, and we managed to get a really good deal which included breakfast in the price. If you were wanting a slightly more expensive hotel, there is a stunning hotel near Pharos which is called Amfora hotel. This is definitely worth researching.


  • The hotel was literally a five minute walk to Hvar town/port (down some steps) and took you out to a sport’s bar, and all the bars and restaurants. If you walked out of the hotel and turned right and walked about five minutes and down some steps you then ended up at the sea, and if you carried on walking to the right for  another five minutes you ended up at Hula Hula beach bar!
  • The hotel breakfast buffet was amazing and included everything from continental breakfasts, to full English breakfasts, to freshly made omlettes. There was also coffee machines where you could get unlimited refills of several different types of coffees.
  • The rooms were really spacious and had great air conditioning which was included in the price
  • There was a safe and wifi included in the price


  • There were very few cons of the hotel, however if I had to critique i’d have said the pool was quite small and could be crowded
  • Make sure you pay for a room with a balcony – we didn’t realise the room we got was cheaper because it didn’t have a balcony!!

What we ate

Not gonna lie Hvar is one of the most expensive places for drinks I’ve been to in Europe when on holiday with my friends. Food is reasonable and there are lots of lovely restaurants around the port which are open late at night and serve a good selection of food. There were lots of seafood restaurants, however due to mainly my uncultured diet we largely went to pizzerias. We would recommend food at Hula Beach Bar during the day, and a nice restaurant we found in the evening was a family run restaurant called Alviž.

If you wanted the choice of making your own meals, there were a couple of supermarkets in the centre at very reasonable prices, and alternatively, if you wanted any fast food there were about a million little shops selling pizza slices and wraps. (overconsumption of these meant I’d prefer never to see another fast food pizza slice in my life again!).


We definitely opted for a relaxed holiday during daytimes and so i’m not the best person to give advice about day trips! We spent most days by the pool and then headed down to the sea for a swim. Even though I’m slightly terrified of the sea, Hvar is somewhere where the sea was ‘safe’ to swim in, as in was calm and did’t have reports of jellyfish stings ect. There were also loads of water activities to do including paddle boarding, kayaking, and hiring out boats. We found out that Hvar is one of the only places where you don’t need some kind of license to take a boat out, and so most people we spoke to talked about having hired out boats or saying they were planning on doing this. We found that the thing that appealed most to us was paddle boarding as it looked really easy and everyone we had watched doing it looked super graceful. We booked this from a guy near to Hula Hula beach bar and you could hire the boards out for either 1 hour, 2 hours or a full day.

We were so so wrong. Paddleboarding is literally so much harder than it looks and I lost count of the times I fell back onto the board when trying to stand up. Emily picked it up quite quickly and by the end of the hour I managed to as well. Steering it was super easy when sat up on your knees, but trying to steer against the tide whilst stood up was a different story!



A main attribute we wanted a holiday destination to have was good nightlife. We had heard that Hvar was quite a party place but were completely clueless on where to go, how much things cost, and how dressy places were.

On our first night of the holiday we ended up going to Carpe Diem beach club. We had seen this online and on Instagram as a place you couldn’t miss when visiting Hvar. We had walked to Carpe Diem Bar earlier in the evening and realised that the nightclub was in fact on another island and that you had to travel there by boat! The first boat across from outside Carpe Diem bar was at 00:30 and took about 15 minutes to get there. Carpe Diem is really impressive when approaching it as it is all lit up, and just as amazing inside with a massive DJ area, food stalls, a massive dance floor and beach club decor. It was the equivalent of £15 to get in, however was worth it just for the experience of going. (The boats to and from the beach club were free.)

The only slightly annoying thing was the prices of drinks there, as pretty much every beer/wine/spirit and mixer available ended up being around £10. Although this is probably normal for some places in the UK, I just didn’t expect it would be expensive in Hvar and so the next time I would definitely take double the money to allow for more of a comfortable night out. We found out it is common for people to stay at this club all night and watch the sunset in the morning, however due to the extremely long journey we had had the day before we ended up going home to sleep and missing it!


Another place we visited was Hula Beach bar, which was open all day every day until 10pm. This was an amazing place to hang out and relax all day in your swimwear and then come back for the sunset, by which point it has turned into a mad party!

Hula beach bar was my favourite place by a mile; it had fantastic music, an amazing atmosphere and was literally right next to the sea! Again with Hula, it was very expensive for drinks, but was free to get in which was great.

Unfortunately it closed at 10pm every night and so was more of a place you would go before your full night out- I’d have happily stayed there all night if not though!

Me and Emily decided to get changed after swimming in the sea all day and put proper shoes on, which was lucky due to the amount of people standing on your feet. It got really crowded so I definitely would NOT recommend staying in your flip flops all night!


For the only way to truly see how incredible these places are, remember to head to my instagram Hvar Highlight and watch the videos!

The rest of the places we went out were just a few of the bars At Hvar town port. A few had happy hour on cocktails which was an okay deal, and they all really kicked off after midnight and had a great atmosphere!








Life Update! / I got a job!

Hey Hey, ,

I have finally decided to write a blog on what i’ve been up to since Graduating in terms of starting my career! For those of you who don’t know i’ve had a tough few months since graduating and moving to Sheffield, due to deciding I wanted a complete career change from my Geography degree. Here’s how it started…

So during my final year of my Geography degree at Hull University I was torn between whether to do a Masters, or whether to attempt to get a job straight after graduation. I had looked at a few courses online, and the only course which sparked my interest had been Town Planning. So this was what I thought would be my plan!

However, after going to an open day and researching more into this career, It was clear that this was not something I wanted to pursue. I had absolutely loved every minute of my Geography degree and had learned so many skills from it; however looking at the courses and jobs directly related to Geography had proved that a career in this sector just wasn’t for me.

I then began to slowly realise that the prospect of Marketing Career could be something I could potentially thrive in. As a regular social media user and blogger, I’d already realised throughout my degree just how naturally Social Media Influencing and blogging came for me. I loved doing promotional Instagram posts and had been successful in being an ambassador for Boux Avenue and a couple of other brands. I could write up a blog post effortlessly and portray everything I wanted to say whilst really enjoying writing it!

…This is when I began to search for Social Media Jobs – and found immediately that all the job specifications sounded perfect and something I would love to do for a living.

In the mean time I had moved to Sheffield, and had started working at Hollister. This involved me luckily being able to transfer from the Newcastle store where I had worked on and off since I was back at school!

Straight away I was made to feel welcome, and everyone at the Meadowhall Hollister was so kind, funny and basically made work not feel like work!

As this wasn’t a full time contract however, I began to apply for some other part time and full time jobs to do in addition to working at Hollister. I remember spending so much time on Indeed and Total Jobs and applying to at least five new jobs every single day.

Slowly, after this I began getting interviews, however It was clear with each decline that I didn’t have the experience needed for a Marketing Job. I spent so much time and effort preparing for every type of interview possible only to get declined almost straight away! I realised I needed to do way more groundwork before swanning into a job. It’s a lot more competitive than you think!!

In the end I decided to go back to a company I had recently applied to, and loved the sound of, to ask for some work experience. They had a completely full team with years of experience, but were kind enough to see the potential and determination in me, and let me join their team!

I worked three full days a week there, in the internal marketing department. I learned a whirlwind of SEO, Content Writing, Outreach, and the ins and outs of how to improve a company’s Digital Success! In the month and a half I worked there I was so grateful for what I was taught in such a short period of time!

I worked in a small team, who were super welcoming and kind, as was everyone else in the office outside of the department! During my time doing work experience, I was proud to have worked on a lot of outreach for the company and their clients, write a series of blogs, and even upload some of my content onto the company’s own website. (Honestly, I was so  excited by it I used to send my dad, boyfriend and friends every link I had published for them to ‘read’ and respond to. )

At the same time I had been half way through applying for a graduate scheme, organised by RISE in Sheffield. The process was so long I never actually thought I’d get a job and so aimed to work my hardest at work experience and hope I could eventually stay with the company for good! I had stopped applying for other jobs and so the eventual job offer came as a complete surprise to me.

.. Anyway back to what the job was. Firstly, i’d seen RISE graduate schemes advertised on Facebook and so decided I had nothing to lose applying to one. RISE graduates is organised by Sheffield City Council, Sheffield University and Sheffield Hallam, who then liase with employers and allow young graduates the opportunity to get their foot in the door of their chosen career!

The process worked by letting you apply for up to 40 jobs on offer with a written application. You were then scored on a series of factors before being declined or moved onto the next stage. I applied for four, and managed to pass three of them.

After this you had to complete a video interview which was used to mark any job you had applied for. This involved literally dressing up in Business wear and sitting at a laptop and reading questions off the screen before having a certain time to say your answer. Having no person to interact with at the other side was a very strange experience and I managed to either mumble or talk too much in some of my answers. I managed to pass two out of the three interviews, and so was let onto the next stage; an assessment day!

By this point I literally wasn’t fazed by any interview and so luckily was quite confident on the day. It consisted of a group discussion which was assessed, and a written task which you had to complete in silence. Both were quite entertaining and it was a really interesting experience!

After completing this, I was informed I had passed and therefor been offered an interview for two roles. I then carried on and interviewed for both, however decided one was not for me and declined my second interview (which I was very unlikely to have passed anyway due to lack of knowledge on the business)

This left me with one job that I really did not expect to get due to it seeming too good to be true! It was a Marketing role for a Saddlery and as I already love horses, I knew I would really enjoy.

After waiting what seemed to be forever after my interview (as with all interviews) I was offered the job when I least expected it and had nearly given up hope!! I had a month before it started and In this time stayed a bit longer at work experience before leaving in time for Christmas. I was so sad to be leaving work experience as I’d absolutely loved working with everyone in the company and had really enjoyed the work I was doing for them!

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Autumn Homewear Favourites (at a budget!)

Hi Guys!

It’s been a VERY long time since I last wrote a blog post. So long in fact that in the meantime I have graduated from University, been to Tuscany to shoot for Unveiled Magazine’s latest edition, and moved cities!

Anyhow, this month’s blog is aimed at telling you guys my new favourites; most of which are in the home wear and beauty sector. As I now have a completely new bedroom (paralleled with the fact i’m now officially an ‘adult’), I’ve decided to go for a whole new bedroom theme to before, and In the process have found most of my favourite things this season!

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Current Faves!| Boux Avenue

Hey guys!

So I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while but I’ve been super busy doing dissertation and other random things. I mean now is technically the most crucial time for me to be doing it but I have more to say on bras than Humber Street apparently (:

It is my last couple of months as an ambassador which is so so upsetting, but I am making the most of it and showing you all the best products to get whilst you can still use my online code! (SARAHB20)

Anyway, I am back blogging and would love to share with you my current favourites from Boux Avenue!

IMG_59981.) White chiffon Diffuser

Boux’s White Chiffon candle is literally one of the first products i was sent and I fell in love with it straight away; especially during the winter months when candles just make your room seem so much warm and cosier. However, now the weather is (kind of ) getting warmer, I recently discovered the perfect spring/summer solution, in the form of a diffuser! the diffuser amazingly comes in the exact same scent and in my opinion smells a lot stronger then the candle. Also I have had it for a few weeks now and it has still made my room smell incredible! I have also found it is a perfect affordable gift for friends and family and recently gifted my Auntie with one as she also loves the White Chiffon scent.

IMG_61332.) Tanya Satin Teddy – Peach

After getting this playsuit in red, I was so excited when I saw they also did the exact same in peach! The material is really lightweight so is really perfect for warmer weather, and the design is so flattering so makes you feel really elegant & glamorous. I’d really recommend these for your summer holiday or if you just fancy waltzing round the house in it.


3.) Philippines Boost Bikini

Before this year I had surprisingly not even looked at Boux’s swimwear range, and used to spend an absolute fortune on international brands which I really could not afford. This year however I am already sorted for summer and am so happy with the two bikini’s I have from Boux which are the Philippines boost bikini in blue and the same in red!! This bikini literally fits like lingerie so is really flattering, especially if you are 200% flat chested like myself. Also a really cool feature is you can wear the gold strap as a neckpiece by tying it upwards as a necklace, or can wear it around your torso by tying it around your waist. I personally prefer waist which is shown below on the red version.


4.) Ladder Swimsuit

Okay, so I know it’s only April, but my swimwear obsession continues all year round as well as the underwear obsession. So here is another of my favourites, the Ladder Swimsuit. This is also pretty flattering, and is a good choice if you re pretty flat chested which is also good! It/s not too revealing also so would be acceptable to wear swimming anywhere in my opinion.


5.) Odette lingerie set

My all time favourite lingerie set this year from Boux is their Odette set in the colour Heather, which includes a beautiful bralette and thong. Everything about this set is just gorgeous and I especially love the dual straps on either side of the thong which is an extra interesting feature. As for the bralette, it is underwired but not padded and has a very thick strap at the back, meaning It would also be suitable to wear as a cute crop for events such as holidays or festivals. This set also comes in a peach colour and in black so there are other choices available too!


6.) Cropped Ribbed PJ Top

My last favourite for this month is this crop in Dusky Pink which comes in two other colours! This can be matched with any bottoms, but Boux pairs this with the Paisley Cuffed pants which really go perfectly with it! Everyone loves a new set of Pyjamas so this set makes the perfect gift for friends and family!

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Coconut Lane| Gift Guide <3

Hey hey!

So I wanted to introduce you to another brand I love and this is Coconut lane – London’s Sassiest site around. I discovered this brand through Instagram (no surprise there) and fell in love with its products which include laptop and phone cases, pillows, jewellery, stationary and wall art.

All items are reasonably priced and as an ambassador for the brand, my code SARAHBELL20 can get you all 20% off everything if you type it in at the checkout 🙂

So here are my favourite products and also my wish list for future purchases/ what I’d be most likely to buy people as presents!

Marble Laptop Cases

I have the rose gold marble laptop case which comes in sizes to fit  a range of MacBooks, and also comes in a ‘sleeve’ to fit iPads too if you want to match. The marble cases are absolutely stunning and Coconut Lane sells seven different colours including black and gold marble and pink marble. I’d really recommend having a case for your laptop in general, especially if you take it to uni like me, and you will probably get lots of compliments on this case like i did :’).

Phone Cases


Okay so sorry for the photo as I have used it before, however i’m currently sat down after my 9am and four hours of sleep so a selfie of me now would be quite traumatic to post. (also phone cases are v hard to take off iPhones)

Anyway, like the laptop cases there are a large range of marble phone cases, so I chose the ‘Blue block marble’ case, however they also do a massive range of cases including glittery ones, ones with Avocado, unicorns, and quotes, So the perfect girlie cases really. Personally, I love my case and find it looks classy and expensive, rather than other ones I’ve had in the past which look quite cheap.

Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at 13.48.52


So, tragically I haven’t ordered any jewellery from coconut lane yet, but these are my favourite picks at the moment, and the jewellery I would be most likely to buy somebody as a christmas present. CL do a large range of delicate jewellery and I am in love with their foot and body chains which I have seen have been really popular to wear recently via Instagram.


What girl doesn’t love stationary?!

Coconut Lane’s range of stunning stationary including their notebooks and greetings cards are super cute presents to buy people. Or if you’re me and age 21, are still a nice gift to get for your self to use for university or work. Personally, I wanted mine as a keepsake, so decided to write the best and funniest university stories in it, which I will probably find even more mortifying in years to come. Again, these come in a wide range of styles and my favourite aspect is you can get matching notebooks to your phone and laptop cases.



Sass Boxes

Okay so the last thing I want to share with you guys is the Sass Boxes which CL sell, which are basically a huge box of mystery products. These are really hard to get hold of suggesting they are really popular currently for christmas, however would be a perfect gift for somebody if you are wanting to spend a bit more.

The marble box for example contains 9 marble products so you know the theme of what is in the box, and if you are really intrigued or hesitant to see what you are getting for your money, the website can give you a link to the list of what will be in your box exactly. So although you can keep it as a surprise, there is an option to make sure you are happy with the contents.


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Christmas Gift Guide|Boux Avenue

Hi Guys!

I’ve been looking forward to doing this blog for so long as i’d been wanting to share some of my favourite Boux Avenue products with you this month, and especially give you some Christmas gift ideas for family, partners and friends.

Here are my top Boux Avenue products for this season featuring Christmas products from Mollie King’s Christmas collection, and products which are sold all year round ❤

**But firstly, always remember you can get 20% discount from everything at Boux Avenue,all year round, using my code SARAHB20 at the checkout!! 🙂 **

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